New Ideal Panchakarma Treatment
Head Treatment

Kerala Ayurvedic Treatments

A treatment program will be recommended for you after a consultation with our doctor it is likely to include a selection of the treatments described below. For your personal enjoyment and well-being you may also choose to supplement the program with additional treatments

Pizhichil Ayurveda Massage
Njavarakizhi Ayurveda Body Treatment
Shirodhara Ayurvedic Treatment
Vasthi Ayurveda Treatment
Urovasthi Ayurvedic Treatment
Sirovasthi Ayurvedic Oil Treatment
Kativasthi Ayurveda Treatment
Abhyangam Ayurveda Body Massage
Udvarthanam Ayurveda Treatment
Nasyam Ayurveda Treatment
Snehapanam Ayurvedic Therapy
Kizhi Ayurveda Treatment
Dhanyamla Dhara Ayurveda Therapy
Yoni Prakshalanam Ayurveda Treatment
Ksheeradhoomam Ayurvedic Treatment
Thalam Ayurvedic Treatment
Lepanam Ayurvedic Treatment
Thalapothichil Ayurveda Treatment
Tharpanam Ayurvedic Eye Therapy
Rejuvenation Massage Therapy
General Ayurvedic Massage
Medicated Herbal Steam Bath
Ayurvedic Marma Massage
Mukhalepam Ayurveda Therapy
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